Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I've learned

Things I've learned since I got back about the situation

1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is providing P-3 aircraft to support response efforts. The aircraft are providing airtraffic control -So that's why the control towers were empty in the photo, I thought it was strange

2. By the numbers (My thoughts)

(Provided by
200,000: Number of Haitians benefiting from ADRA’s largest water purification system, which was installed on January 28. The new system can provide approximately 17 gallons (or 64 liters) of water per minute, and is currently being managed by a team of ADRA volunteers and local leaders. -(We saw the structure built over 3 days. It was incredibly well done and efficient. I believe in part to scientists from Loma Linda University.)

100,000: Number of pounds (45 tons) of rice, beans, oil and salt that were distributed on January 25 to thousands of displaced survivors currently living on the campus of the Haitian Adventist University in southwest Port-au-Prince. (That's why they never asked us for food. We got there PM on the 25th and spent the 26th in the tents. Would also explain why so many kids had abdominal cramping. A fact that would have been useful to know)

71,000: Value in U.S. dollars of a shipment of medical supplies sent by Orlando-based Florida Hospital on January 21. The donation included 23 palettes of IV solution, IV lines, antibiotics, analgesics, masks, and other emergency supplies, which were given to the Adventist Hospital of Haiti. (Hard to know which boxes belonged to whom but there was plenty to go around and the staff from Fl Hosp were incredibly compassionate, immediately helpful when they hit the ground, and attentive to the patients, aided because so many from Orlando were native Haitian, Creole, or French)

55,000: Number of people who have gained access to clean water through 12 additional water points installed by ADRA and partner GlobalMedic across the Carrefour region. (Carrefour had a population of about 340,000, 1.5 kmfrom the epicenter with an estimated 45-60% heavily damaged or destroyed structures, and likely

(Provided by United Nations)
Some 1 million people have been reached since the onset of the emergency; 338,000 people have received two-week rations of rice over the past 3 days.

With 1 in 44 women dying in pregnancy or childbirth, it is the most dangerous country to give birth in the Western Hemisphere...BEFORE the earthquake.

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