Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haitimedrelief Introduction

Dear Friends and Family,

If you hadn't received the emails during my trip, I recommend you read them sequentially beginning with the "pre-departure" letter. If you want to see the over 200 pictures I took, then the shutterfly link below will take you to the larger album. Be warned that there are graphic surgical pictures on the larger album.


I met with hospital administrators yesterday and we are already planning the when and where of our next trip. There is a long list of volunteers at Holy Cross ready to go.

Our trip taught us that to plan a successful trip, one needs to figure out the manpower going, find an international agency to come under with specific needs you can fill, then find out what kind of supplies they are lacking and purchase and bring them. Today's shortage is tomorrow's surplus as more and more military and UN supply trucks are continuously restocking the numerous aid agencies in Port-au-Prince.

Thank you all for your support. Please send the blog address to any friends or colleagues you think may find it interesting.

Take care,
Elie Schochet

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