Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Abby's update 1/26

Dear Family and Friends,

I spoke with Elie briefly tonight (Tuesday). He sounded tired but generally upbeat. Their location seems to be busy, with a tremendous number of patients to treat. He is not doing much surgery, instead focusing on providing very basic medical care, as I described in my last update.

When he was packing, those who organized the trip were very unclear as to the conditions on the ground, so he was strongly urged to bring his own water and food. However, it seems that water, at least in his location, is not a problem. He also stated that they have a room inside, With A/C where he will be able to sleep, which is nice, since this will be his first sleep break since yesterday 5 pm-10pm.

Tomorrow they will be going to a clinic providing medical care for a tent city that has sprung up (he said it had approximately 10,000 people in it). As with before, much of what to expect is unknown right now, including the types of patients and care he will expect to be dealing with.

He did mention some aftershocks, but stated that they are 'not as bad as you might think'. I'm not sure if that is true, or just what he said to make me feel better.

He got a chance to speak with both Meir (7) and Noam (5) and told me that he had many stories to tell, but that they would have to wait as his time on the phone was quite limited.

Thanks again for your kind words and support,

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